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A lobster bids thee good day, whatever should you do?

Monday, August 29, 2005

Eleven Biscottis and some Coconuts

*poof* He appears! and then of course the audience complains about political correctness... well they can go *poof* themselves. Wahahaha. I worked out yesterday. Well, I worked yesterday. And I worked some stuff out yesterday. Like that problem with the pool and the trees where you have to double the size of the pool without moving any trees? I worked that one out. Anyway, still no idea what to do about my pore car, I need to call Moorwood Motors about it or something.

Long day at work yesterday, people needing time off and being sick and so forth :(. On my break though, there was this wierd british girl who approached me and asked if she could sing me a song for some change. So she sung what she said was 'classical' and I identified as "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera in some unidentifiable language, though she was obviously a trained singer. So she finishes, i give her like a dollar thirty or something, and say "wasnt that andrew lloyd webber?" and shes all "um... yes?" and i say "oh, very nice. in what... italian?" and she says "i made it up" and runs away. Tres bizarre, mon capitan.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Quickly, in the form of a coatrack! *shapeshifts*

Bonjour once again, my dears. I return from my foray to the front with many prizes. 'Cause apparently this "front" business has some sort of competetive aspect. So I got my car re-registered today, and am holding in my hands a cheque from NRMA for $3275 for the guy rear-ending me. Which wrote off the car :(.

So this is my car on the left with a cunningly disguised numberplate, and what it will look like when I am finished with it below.

Quite an impovement, no? Problem tho: I called up a smash repair place and the guy reckoned that it was going to be hard to find someone to actually do the labour to actually replace the panels, cause its an old car and so forth. Click the pic of the car on the left to see the damage to the back panels :(.

Been writing all morning, haven't done any more of my musical yet, the juices just arent flowing like they should. Maybe one of these would help. On the bright side, I have some new poetry up. Redrafted and titled the moth piece I alluded to, as well as writing a completely new hybridanelle in about 2 1/2 hours, quite an experimental piece. And the names are quite similar, like Catseye to Charcoal 8x9 >_<. Going off to Dickson Noodle House this evening with people from work, I may even have some more caffeine, but that COULD be risky. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? And women for that matter. Stupid sexist Tolkein. Who, by the way, is rumoured to be the "famous linguist" mentioned in Donnie Darko. Creepy.

Looking forward to getting Dungeon Siege 2 as well, looks like a ripe old time waster*. Hey Jamal, maybe we can set up something like Roger Wilco and use a direct IP connection to play it some time, its great fun doing it in a team ^_^. Anyway, peace out my african-american brethren, sleep well or whatever it is that seems appropriate for now, I shall leave you with a little song I like to call the Caterpillar** song:

Some songs are very very long, but this one isn't.

Ciao ^_^

And avocados are great <3
*Much like myself
** I'm not quite sure why I like to call it that, either.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Send in the Clowns... and some balloons.

And we return once again to the intrepid adventures of Bananaman. Not really, I can't stand bananas. Except for those little candy ones, those are great. I finished the first act of the musical today, the melodies for the songs aren't quite concrete yet, but it is getting there, this is a big milestone for me. I was going to try to write more, but decided its not worth the risk of exploding. I also got my car back today, and finally looked at the damage. Its just two panels but the subframe has twisted slightly as well. Also tried out the extra cylinder (four, up from three due to a faulty lead), wow its gutsy. As for colour, I think I am going to do a black undercoat with a light purple candy pearl over the top so it has a cadbury sheen to it, as well as racing stripes and the like ;).

Almost finished a new poem, about moths this time. Don't ask me about the whole fluttery thing obsession, I have no idea. Poetry link is there on the right :P, will update when the new piece goes up. Not quite sure what to name it yet though.

Got completely lost in southern canberra today as well. The number 24 doesnt quite go where i thought it did, and then of course my battery on my phone dies. sigh. oh well. Thats it for now I think, adieu all and remember: Nobody expects the spanish inquisition!*

*except perhaps the spaniards.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Presto! The kerchief reveals a do... where the hell is my dove?

Have created this account so as to comment on a friend's blog... but perhaps I could be more devious. Incite rebellion in the masses and so forth. Rebel, masses!

... well that was overrated. Anyway, I found a beauuuutiful Gaggia Lever G106 on eBay for like $800, but its lovely :D. Adds an extra dimension (to infinity and beyond!) to the extraction process, in water pressure (have to keep it constant constant, we like to move it move it) as well as the grind and tamp which are normally the two biggest factors a barista utilises to make a perfect shot. And then I realise that I am making a lot of terrible jokes in the background. I feel so humble :(. Ha! Fooled you. You'll never catch me alive! /flies away.

And I'm back. I realise that I talk about coffee a lot these days, but thats not terribly misunderstandable considering that my life is either at work or at home on my trusty puta (I was going to say box but rethunk upon realising the potential implications), but hey, what am I going to do about it? And as for my putabox, its actually not so trusty at the moment - I BSODed like twice in the past 3 days. Which is twice more than I have ever had on this machine. It may be reinstall time. speaking of which, get ready for a reinstallation of another post... tomo..row? hold on, is it reinstallation if i double post? or if i edit a post? or what? please advise, Peturbed, ACT (and FYI, 'putabox' was a one time thing. i agree, its a hideous nickname)

And finally the obligatory welcome for our crustaceous friends, this one goes out to you Sebastian, man. You rock my world. HELLO LOBSTER!